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Camouflage helps nature lovers to capture in an accessible, simple way

unique images from nature without having to put in much effort.


The brand Camouflage wanted to build awareness and increase the conversion rate through its website. The video should also be used by their resellers worldwide. We proposed to create a Hero commercial adapted to their target demographics (couples of 55 years old plus). ​


This video highlights the benefits/features of the products while talking about the essence of the brand, and sharing its values. It enables connecting with the audience on a deeper level and builds authority.

So here we are less focused on a particular product, we rather search to build trust. Storytelling is the most effective for this type of video to create emotion and engagement. Moreover, using actors of the targeted demographic group will enable them to imagine the lifestyle they could have by adopting the brand's products.

This video is usually the first impression a viewer will have of the brand. It is designed to live on the landing page of the website, but it can be re-used for various purposes (such as ads, and live events, and can be shared with distributors).

Such a video can increase a website's conversion rate by up to 80%.



Camouflage also wanted to create an instruction video to help their customers choose the right product for them.


In this video, the presenter compares each product in the portfolio while explaining the main features of each model. The video also has been cut into several snippets to be uploaded on each product page. Ultimately, this kind of video enhances the shopping experience and helps the viewer make a decision faster

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